We absolutely love a good feast under the stars and so if you come to one of our weekend activity camps we provide the meals so the group can all bond and eat together. We have our very own kitchen including a fantastic pizza oven!

If you’re coming to Livit Adventures for a camping trip and want to explore the local eateries we have compiled some of our favourites in the local villages and towns. 

The Italian Kitchen, this independent local Italian restaurant is small but well themed. Specialising in pasta and pizza this restaurant is great for couples or large groups with their own ‘group spaces’ at the back of the restaurant. They have their very own pizza oven so if you can’t time it right with ours here at Livit this is the next best thing!

Moran’s is one of the most popular restaurants with locals and tourists alike in North Devon. This Thai Asian restaurant offers set meals or sharer platters for all tastes. If you like Thai food this is the place for your ‘special’ night out.

The Thatched Inn is just a stone’s throw from the Livit Adventure campsite and offers some of the best pub grub around. Local’s love the atmosphere here and so will you!

Number Eight in Bideford offers fantastic European dishes and has won many fine dining awards for it’s menu. A very small intimate restaurant that is perfect for a romantic meal out with your loved one. Pair this night with a glamping stay in one of our romantic glamping decks.

Belluno is another fantastic Italian in Bideford offering an array of dishes including pasta and pizzas. We highly recommend their Carbonara! 

The Bell Inn is a short drive away but well worth the trip. This traditional pub grub menu will not disappoint for the portion sizes alone!

The Pier House in Westward Ho! offers a mix of fine restaurant dining and traditional hearty menus. A great selection of dishes for all tastes and very popular with tourists during the busier months as one of the larger restaurants in our area.

The Westleigh Inn comes highly recommended and is always popular with locals. In the small village of Westleigh you will find this hidden gem of a pub restaurant.

If you’re feeling hungry now we don’t blame you!!

We are extremely lucky to have some of the best surfing spots right on our doorstep here in North Devon. Our surfing weekends are some of our most loved due to the proximity to the perfect beach for all abilities. Here are our top picks if you are staying or live in North Devon and need the best spot to surf those waves.

Westward Ho!


Right on our doorstep is this fantastic beach – it is one of the safest in North Devon for surfing due to minimal rip tides or underwater obstructions. Due to this and the 2 mile of beach line makes it one of the most popular for less experienced surfers and beginners.


A little further around the coast from Livit Adventure Croyde Bay is a beach much more suitable for more advanced surfers and those with shortboards. It is prone to more rips and has some rocky areas so although there are great spots for beginners it better to go with a school so you know the best places to surf.



This beach is known to hold a bigger wave than its neighbour Woolacombe which makes it ideal for more experienced riders. However it can be good for beginners too offering a good wave.


Real pros will love Lynmouth. It’s North Devon’s only point break and is less well known so less busy throughout the year. There can be dangerous currents here so definitely a beach for pros only.

Saunton Sands


This beach can get busy during the summer but can also offer some good waves for all abilities of surfer.


Woolacombe is a 3 mile stretch of beach which offers fantastic surfing for everyone. Whether you are a beginner looking for smaller waves, or pros who wish to surf the bigger waves.

So that’s our favourites – where are you heading this summer?

Here in North Devon we are extremely lucky to have some of the best beaches in the country. We cannot count on two hands the number of amazing locations we have on our doorstep – and the miles of golden sands cannot compare to some other regions of the UK. 

At Livit Adventures we have a few favourites where we visit depending on the activities we’re undertaking but here’s our top beaches in North Devon for anyone visiting the area.

Westward Ho!

Ok, we’re biased with this one but as our closest beach and one of the best around we absolutely love it here. There’s miles of sand to enjoy as a sun worshiper, a stunning pebble ridge with fantastic views over the ocean and plenty of walking routes with the Northam Burrows just behind the coastline. It’s also one of the best beaches around for beginner surfers.


In comparison to Westward Ho! Croyde is one of the best beaches around for advanced surfers and as it’s further into the northern coast it can also experience much warmer temperatures too. Croyde is a hot spot for tourists though so if you’re looking for a quiet day at the beach this may be one to avoid!

Saunton Sands

Miles of golden sand is what you picture when you think of Saunton Sands. With over 3 miles of beach there’s plenty of space for everyone to have their own spot of paradise. This beach is great for surfer beginners and for chilling out in the sunshine.


If you want to explore the coastline this is one of the best places to do it. Not only will you enjoy miles of beach when you combine it with Woolacombe Sands but you also have stunning views while walking around Baggy Point. Surfing is also popular here but the swell is not as strong as Croyde so better for a more relaxed surf.

Barricane Beach

Locals will know this beach for its beauty and its curries. During the summer months locals flock here to enjoy the Sri Lankan beach shack curries on the beach. This tiny cove is good for rock pooling and jumping so less sun worshiping and more food and activities!

So now you know our favourites…where’s yours?

There are so many reasons why paddleboarding is so good for you and why it’s becoming a fantastically popular sport. Here’s just our top ten reasons why you should try stand up paddleboarding!

Improve your balance

When you take up paddleboarding you will see your balance improving as you need to work on your core balance on the board itself. It’s definitely a sport that needs a lot of balance training unless you want to get wet!

Improve your fitness

As well as your balancing act taking up this sport will have a real impact on your overall fitness. The muscles needed to paddle, stand and keep balance working together will help improve your strength throughout your body.

Standing is good for your health

There is research that as a society we already sit too much and that standing is much better for our health – so take up a hobby that adds to your health!

The view is better

If you compare your view on a paddleboard to the view when you’re kayaking or similar it’s much better as you can see further down river.

It doesn’t matter where you live

Paddleboarding is a great sport for any location as you don’t need a good swell with the sea, all you need is a bit of water…so whether a lake, river or the sea there’s lots of options! Our activities in North Devon are in some of the most beautiful locations in the country!

It’s an easy sport to get going

Most paddleboards are very light and so if you’re on your own you can easily grab a board and a paddle and head out at your own pace. No faffing around with extra equipment!

You can enjoy the sunshine

When the sun is shining this is a wonderful sport to enjoy in the sunshine. Being above the water you’ll get a good dose of vitamin D!

It’s low impact

We all want to try and stay healthy but we know a lot of sports can have a real impact on our bodies. Well, not paddleboarding! This is such a low impact sport whilst still being good for you!

Great for groups

As well as being an easy sport to get out on your own taking part in group sessions is fantastic as you will have time for a natter while out on your board.

It’s amazing fun!

Paddleboarding is one of our favourites for so many reasons – did you know you can even do paddleboard yoga??

SUP Yoga

Here at Livit Adventures we love to hit the water whenever we can and wakeboarding is one of our favourites. We are extremely lucky to have the North Devon Wake Park right on our doorstep with courses perfect for all abilities!

If you’re looking to try wakeboarding or you’re a pro our weekend activity camps are perfect for wakeboarders new and old!

For now here are our top reasons why wakeboarding is good for your health:

Builds strength

Because of the poses and strength required during wakeboarding this sport is fantastic for building the muscles in your arms and legs. So if you’re hoping to bust some of those bingo wings wakeboarding is the perfect option.

It’s good for the brain

Wakeboarding requires quick reaction times and a need to be versatile. The sport is a great way to build up your reactions as your brain needs to think quickly!

Get better at swimming

You will definitely spend a lot of time in the water when wakeboarding, it’s part of the fun! So wakeboarding is a great way to also build up your swimming skills.

Feel mentally refreshed

Being in the water is great for your mind. The combination of water and your adrenaline from this fast paced sport will leave your mind refreshed and with a higher level of concentration.

Great exercise

It’s more than obvious that wakeboarding is great for your body generally and the more you do the better it is!

It improves your flexibility

With the jumps, turns and mobility you need in your hands and feet wakeboarding is a great way to improve your flexibility.

Improves your balance

You need great balance to become a pro at wakeboarding, so to help develop your stability and balance it’ll need some practice!

It’s great fun!

We can highly attest to this one!!

Make new friends

Whether on one of our camps or just by being on the water you can make plenty of new friends with this fantastic sport.

Why not come and try out our wakeboarding camps with Livit Adventures. Get in touch today for more information.

When you visit the South West you can’t miss out on some of the fantastic walks around the coast. Here in Devon we are extremely lucky to have lots of different walking routes all along our coastline and with the South West Coast Path and the Tarka Trail right on our doorstep there’s plenty of routes to choose from now matter on your ability.


From our campsite there are 3 recommended walks for beginners on the South West Coastal Path site. 

Torridge Ships and Shipbuilding’ 3 miles

This walk takes you from Bideford Quay along the riverside of the River Torridge and ends in the delightful village of Appledore just a short drive, bus route or further walk from Livit Adventures campsite.  If you have an interest in boats and maritime this walk will really interest you.

Westward Ho! to Cornborough Cliffs’ 1.5 miles

Walking along the old railway line this route is perfect for all abilities as the flat pathway takes you on a scenic route along the coastline. You will reward yourself with the view at the end of the walk.

Torridge Tarka Trail’ 3 or 6 miles

Perfect for cyclists, prams and all abilities this flat part of the Tarka Trail takes you along the river along the old railway line. You can either catch a bus to make the journey back or turn around and make it a loop.

Slight challenge

Abbotsham and Westward Ho!’ 5.3 miles

Taking a mixture of country lanes, public footpaths and the coastal path this route offers a chance to follow in some famous authors footsteps such as Charles Kingsley and Rudyard Kipling along the Westward Ho! Coastline. If it’s been raining prior you may want to wear some suitable footwear as some spots may be muddy!

Appledore and Northam Burrows’ 6.8 miles

We love the Burrows and you won’t be disappointed on this walk for a mostly flat route with some gentle climbs and traditional stiles to mount! You’ll pass through Appledore famed for its shipbuilding and the beach of Westward Ho! with its pebble ridge.

Expert hiker

Westward Ho! Kingsley and Kipling Walk’ 5.8 miles

Here you can follow in Charles Kingley’s footsteps on this challenging uphill walk from the town of Westward Ho! You’ll find cliff side walking, views across the channels and plenty of good ol’ countryside to get your heart pumping on this walk along the coast.

If you love walking you will love our coastal walking activity camp. Find out more about our adventure weekends.

If you haven’t tried yoga before, why not? It’s got so many health benefits and can be quite a relaxing way to do some exercise. Here’s ten reasons why you have to try yoga now!

It increases your posture

If you work at a desk then yoga can be a fantastic way of maintaining a good posture and keeping you more aligned. This will help reduce pain in your back, neck and shoulders.

It builds muscle

It may seem like it’s all about stretching but actually yoga takes a lot of core body strength. From doing the plank to the complete downward dog you will build up a lot of different muscles.

It increases your flexibility

With frequent yoga sessions you can increase your muscle flexibility. You will soon notice the difference after just a few sessions.

It can help you sleep

The practice of yoga will help you to get a better night of slumber. The practice of yoga before bedtime can help put you in a better space of relaxation to drop right off.

It helps with concentration

Yoga is just as much about the mind as it is about the body. You will find that observing your body and mind through the practice of yoga helps clear your mind and helps you concentrate better in everyday life.

It can reduce stress

As with the above it can help you focus on the matter at hand which can help to reduce your stress levels. It also helps you take the practice to the real world where you can reflect during the day so you don’t get overwhelmed.

It helps you lose weight

It may not be a heavy cardio session but yoga can help you shed those calories. You’ll leave a session with a real sense of a workout but without the sweaty mess!

It helps you to learn to breathe correctly

You may not know it but you may not be using your full lung capacity! Taking yoga can teach you to focus on your breathing and find out about using every part of your lung.

It can help to lower blood sugar

If you have a high blood sugar or cholesterol you should definitely consider yoga. Along with weight loss this low impact exercise is great for correcting body imbalances.

It will lead to a happier mindset

As well as boosting your confidence, you can also gain a happier mindset through the practice of yoga.

If you want to try yoga why not consider one of our activity camps with a dedicated weekend of yoga for all abilities – whether you are an expert at downward dog or can’t ever envisage being able to touch your toes we are here to help!

If you’ve never tried surfing before then here’s a few reasons why you should definitely try it now!

It’s great exercise!

We don’t think there’s any way to get around this. Surfing is fantastic exercise as it uses so many different muscles from your arms and hands to your legs, bum and back! So much body toning will go on when you hit the water.

It’s fun!

OK, you won’t believe us until you try it but you are sure to have fun when surfing. If you come on one of our surf activity camps we can guarantee a great time – we always have great people with us and no matter your ability you will have fun trying!

You can tie surfing into a holiday

Devon makes a great spot to learn to surf – so if you don’t live near the coast why not take the chance for a week away!

Surfing can increase your confidence


When you learn to surf you feel a great sense of achievement which can help build your confidence both on the water but in your personal life too!

Improve your mental health

Being on the water has proved to be a great way to improve your mental wellbeing as well as your physical health. Especially when you take part in one of our groups!

Make new friends

Surfing offers the chance to join a new community and the chance to find new friends. Our adventure camps are a fantastic chance to do this too!

Surfing is low impact

Surfing is a great sport for those with body ailments. The low impact stress on your body is so much better for you than something like running.

New found respect for nature

As surfing is a sport known for its connection with nature you will find it hard to not have a new found love of the great outdoors. You’ll need to learn more about the ocean and the dangers and beauty it holds and that will help you understand more about the wonders of our planet.

A great chance to travel


When you truly take up surfing you will want to try a range of different waves – which is a great excuse to travel the UK and beyond!

 Alone time

As well as being a sport where you can make new friends it’s also a sport where you can get a real sense of solitude out on the water. Even with lots of others around you, you can still get a minute’s peace.

If you’re looking for active things to do in North Devon you’ve come to the right place! Livit Adventures is not only a great source of advice and inspiration but we have a fantastic range of activity camps right here at our site. Whether you’re looking for a bespoke adhoc session or two or a full weekend of activities our team can help! Just get in touch for more information.

Now on with our top activities in the area!



Surfing is a fantastic way to keep active if you love the water. No matter on your experience you will find a beach suitable for your skills in North Devon. Some of our beaches are known for beginners and their easier waves, while other beaches are famed for being some of the best surfing beaches in the country!



In North Devon we are extremely lucky to have a dedicated wake park right on our doorstep! With loads of courses, ramps and runs for different abilities it’s a great day out for everyone. What’s more is they also have a large aqua park on site too!

Stand Up Paddleboarding

This sport takes a lot of balance and patience and with the calming rivers in North Devon there are plenty of opportunities to hit the water while out paddleboarding. So grab your kit and let’s go!

Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga

SUP Yoga

This unique and skillful session is great for resting your mind while also enjoying the calming sense of the waters around you. OK, it might not be the most active on your list of things to do while in North Devon but we think it’s fab!

Coastal walking

We literally can’t say enough about the coastal walks in North Devon. Hundreds of miles of the South West Coastal Path runs by our door and we also have the Tarka Trail in our nearby town. Whether you want a more strenuous trek or an easy accessible walk there’s something for everyone!



With so many coastlines in the area around our site we always find a great variety of climbing rocks to attend during our sessions. We also have a range of indoor sites in North Devon too so whatever the weather you will be fixed for your climbing classes!

North Devon isn’t just perfect for families – it is packed with things to do for adults too. Here’s just a few of our favourites where ‘adults only’ is just what you need!



There are a huge number of watersports available to enjoy when you’re in North Devon. You can read our blog on experiencing North Devon on water to find out more.

National Trust

If you’re into walking around stately homes and gardens then a visit to one or many of the National Trusts in North Devon is worth an afternoon whiling away the time. Whether you choose Arlington Court or a trip a bit further south to Knightshayes there are many National Trust areas in North Devon.

Theme Parks

For the adrenaline junkies, North Devon is home to two great theme parks The Milky Way and The BIG Sheep. OK, we have to come clean they are family-friendly so don’t expect Alton Towers or Thorpe Park but with both having a rollercoaster, one having a waterpark and the other having Sheep Racing (it’s a lot more fun than it sounds!!) there’s still plenty of things to do at each park.

Local breweries

The South West is famous for its cider, but did you know we also have our own gin, craft beers and a number of other home-brewed beverages? There are a number of breweries in North Devon – most of which you can visit to see their process and purchase drinks. See the whole CAMRA list here.


Coastal Walking

For those that enjoy the great outdoors, nothing can beat North Devon. With the South West Coast Path offering 90 miles to enjoy and the Tarka Trail crossing the countryside you have loads of accessible walking options right on the doorstep.

Retail therapy

A holiday wouldn’t be complete without a little bit of retail therapy. Whether you want a few local souvenirs, or feel like splashing out on some luxury items there’s something for everyone in the local towns and villages. If you’re really in need of a full day’s shopping whilst visiting the area, the city of Exeter is just an hour by car or train.

When looking to stay in North Devon there’s no place better than experiencing the great outdoors with Livit Glamping and Camping. Their range of bell tents and pre-pitched camping offers a choice of accommodations to enjoy the great outdoors that Devon has to offer. Get in touch today!