We absolutely love North Devon. We live just a few miles from the coast and that means miles of fantastic beaches, coastal walks and many other opportunities to explore the countryside.

You can’t say you know what the North Devon lifestyle is all about until you’ve live or at least visited here. The fresh air, the laid back atmosphere – everything adds up to a very different type of lifestyle with a mixture of countryside and beach life. Here’s a few of our favourite places in the area. We’ll continue to add to this list as we grow to find more hidden gems in the area.

Westward Ho!

The only town with an exclamation mark in it’s name, Westward Ho! is named after a book of the same name by Charles Kingsley. The beach is beautiful – it’s one of our favourites for surfing and other watersports. This seaside town is just a few miles from our camp and a fantastic beach to explore when staying in the area.


Hartland is a few miles down the coast from us where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Bristol Channel. You’ll have chance to see the lighthouse, visit the local pub and, if you like, enjoy the coastal walks along the cliff to enjoy the stunning views.


This is one of the last private villages in England. With a small fee to enter the town it has become a popular tourist destination. The steep cobbled streets are a challenge to get up and down but take advantage of the Landrover up and down the hill and you’re feet can take a rest!