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Livit Adventures

We provide action packed, all inclusive activity weekends with a lifestyle experience in North Devon. Each person who works for us is an instructor in one of the sports that we provide; they are also the cooks and the drivers for the weekend too… showing you an all inclusive, great time for your entire stay.

Livit Adventures team members

The Team

The co-founders of Livit Adventures Sarah and Kevin

We came up with this idea of creating an all inclusive adventure lifestyle weekend back in 2015 and after a lot of planning we founded Livit Adventures Ltd.

Sarah:  Works as a building surveyor for her day job. But way more interestingly to her, she love’s the ocean and the outdoors. She’s been Kitesurfing for 3 years now and has recently qualified as a kitesurf instructor. She’s a keen surfer and skier too. When she’s not dipping her sandy toes in the water you can find her on a cold airfield somewhere teaching kids to fly! Sarah loves all things aviation and has been flying since she was 13. She has been an instructor for the Air Cadets for years and just LOVES it. Watch this space, we may just add flying to the activity list!

Kevin: Works as a carpenter for his day job. He’s been kitesurfing for 15 years (thats a long time in kitesurfing years as the sport is still so young!). He is a qualified BKSA kitesurfing instructor (and has been for donkeys years!). He has taught in Sri Lanka, Australia and the Caribbean to name but a few places. Kevin has competed in the British Kitesurfing Championship and was the British Masters Champion in 2015. Kevin loves the outdoor life and is a keen surfer, climber and snowboarder.

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Livit Adventures team members

The Team

Alex:  Works as an aerospace engineer in London for his day job. Alex is our climbing instructor and a valued member of Livit Adventures. He’s been climbing for many years and has a wealth of experience in single and multi-pitches, he’s also a keen wakeboarder, kitesurfer, and surfer.